Stupidest things I’ve been told for being vegetarian.

Becoming vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and any other « trend » (as they are being called) has in fact grown to be very popular these past years. However, let’s not forget that if people choose to have these lifestyles -rather than « diets »-, it’s for their own health and because they exist since decades in other cultures. Not only to follow what is the coolest movement to follow.


Let’s just say no one is right stating that there is one diet better than others, but even with the evolution of mentalities, people still manage to say nonsense over the topic.

Here’s a list of what I’ve been told by these ignorants:

"Meat is life"

Oh, so let me get it straight. So is eating something dead, that’s been traumatized its whole life, been fed with chemicals and antibiotics, that’s been killed in worse than crual conditions…is life?


"You must lack some nutrients!"

No, I’m not lacking any nutrients since the food I’m eating is filled with more fiber, vitamins, minerals etc than the dead flesh you have on your plate. But let me know, how about you? How is that cholesterol going? Oh and, have you checked how many chemicals you’ve been adding up to your meals? Yummy right?

"I don't know how you can eat this!" - with that disgusted look on your plate

How about that: I don’t know how you can eat some dead-swimming in chemical blood-flesh.


"Do you even please your man knowing you're kinda playing with flesh?"

These words were said in such an obscene and impolite way that I can’t even write them down. Such a nice concern coming from your co-workers.


"You vegetarians are all so annoying! Why do you try to convince us to eat grass and weeds? I'm never going to be part of that religion/sect"

I’m sorry? A sect? First, vegetarism exists since so many years. Cultures around the world were built on that lifestyle and these people are living a very healthy life. Due to environmental changes, cultures must adapt themselves and embrace  -or at least try- what’s new.


Also..who would force you to get that tofu? Who would try to convince you to absolutely try that seitan over a quinoa salad? No one. So let the connoisseurs savour these delicatessen you’re just sadly denigrating.


Solo trip through Israel

They told me it was a crazy idea. They told me not to go. They even scared I booked my flight and planned my solo trip through Israel. And guess what? I’m still alive.

The adventure of my life had to start now and a solo trip would be it. I could have picked Asia, just as randomly as possible and be that one more person having travelled there. Don’t get me wrong, that would have been a great experience too, but Israel has always had that little spark more in my eyes. So right before leaving my fancy New Yorker life and get back to my good old Europe, I faced the first challenge: buying a travel guide on Israel. And read it.img_6057

The more I read through that guide, the more my personal challenge got bigger. People warned me about how dangerous it could be, about the inequalities between men and women, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how many more should I cite? After the terrorist attacks all over Europe this past year and in NYC in September, I really had some thoughts on the feeling of security all around the globe. Such sad  and desperate actions happen anywhere, anytime, so the only thing there is to do is to count on your good luck.

Tel Aviv - Day 1-3

October 4th. The adventure begins in Tel Aviv (right for the end of Rosh Hashanah). The city has so much to offer mixing small and authentic shops, a new cosmopolite lifestyle, markets, the culture and of course, the beach. Everything is mixed together in one and only city. And how nice is it to see that a middle eastern country has more laxist views on LGBT’s than Europe or even America!


Besides any material item (food, kinda the beach, shops etc) getting closer to Israelis is also what makes the trip. More than any other city –in Israel I’ve visited– Tel Aviv’s nightlife makes it easy. People go out, every night, to meet others, to talk, to drink, to Such open-minded, curious and fun people.

Jerusalem, Masada & The Dead Sea - Day 4-7

Interesting to see and to realize how different the rest of the country might be is. Tel Aviv is a gold nugget of culture and tolerance, while else where, religion is quite felt, traditions are still respected (and how cute is it to notice that in 2016).


Jerusalem is filled with religious people who kinda have a judgy eye, but also filled with young party people. Masada is a must see. The gold reflection of the desert is amazing and the heat might want to kill you, but the view you’ll get will be worth it. Last but not least, the Dead Sea. A tourist attraction maybe, but totally worth it. The sea, the products, the salt-beach, and above all, the smoothest skin you’d ever get. History mixed with attractions.

Haifa - Day 5-7

Small city in northern Israel. Not too much to see besides the mythical Baha’i’Gardens but a whole community to discover. In Haifa, it’d be easy to forget that you actually are in Israel; most of the population speaks some sort of Hebrew that sounds more like Russian. And they originally are from Russia. A nice little port city that has a watchful eye (the Gardens..) above the residents.


Israel is not only a beautiful country but it also has an amazing culture and so much to share! Food, a lifestyle, art, history…so many things that will add a little something to your own knowledge and culture. Besides the very present danger of bombings or terrorist attacks, security is on top and even beats Europe and America’s security standards. A go-to destination, for solo travelers, party lovers, history aficionado or just a curious bee.



Body-shaming, slut-shaming (for the most popular), mom-shaming, food-shaming…and probably so many other ways to blame someone for their own life choices or appearance. It’s a new type of harassment, generations X and Y were used to face in school, but now it’s mostly on social media. These «     shaming » are said to be a « criticism » of someone’s preferences or lifestyle and sadly new ones keep on appearing on social media.

So let’s welcome the latest: Health-shaming.



As ridiculous as criticizing someone for being a little over-or-under weight, people around us tend to become some sorts of morons and criticize other’s healthy lifestyle choices. After reading a few articles on the different shaming-types, this « health-shaming » popped up, and is sadly ridiculous.

Even I have been blamed for my healthier lifestyle choices, a thousand times. The worst part is that these health-shamers will convert to healthier people at some point, and will surely ask for your help.

But helping someone who made fun of healthy choices is not an easy step; explaining something that has been judged and joked around doesn’t feel like it’s worth it. And having had to defend yourself for a healthy lifestyle usually seems like being agressive or giving an attitude..but there is no other way when jokes are gushing and there is an ambiant sarcasme.

So last but not least, have I ever shamed them for putting -a filled antibiotic-corpse in their body? Or have I ever said something about the litteral shit crap they are eating next to me and absoluuutely want to share with me? And now they wanna be on my side..let me laugh out loud please.

Holy Empire.

I’ve heard so many times that once you have lived in New York, the city gets literally under your skin making it hard to find such an incredible city. And it’s true.
Look at you every time you are on a rooftop, contemplating the view. Remember that spark in your eyes whenever you come across the Empire or any other mythical building ?


Just magical.

And always remember, the sky is the limit.

Your lazy days can actually be your healthy days!

Being healthy is a lifestyle and you can’t get by eating Kale for 3 days and having been to the gym a few times this month. It’s also a habit of choosing the right ingredients, picking up the best way to make something or to go somewhere and besides all, listening to what your body says. It’s your decision that will tell how healthy you are. However, there are these days when we all awake our inner couch-potato-soul  and it’s fine. It’s fine because, besides of the real lazy days, you will often pick a better option.


Somedays I wake up and really need want a coffee to get through the day and to keep my eyes open. But to get my holy beverage I would have to step outside and walk a few blocks to the store. So when my inner couch-potato has a stronger voice, I would just get a green tea from the kitchen, which I dont have to pay for, wait, or talk to someone (no coffee machine in the apartment). Doing this, I treat my wallet body well and keep my bad mood to myself instead of spreading it to others. Also, green tea is known to be filled with antioxidants, has equal levels of caffeine and will hydrate you better.

When you don’t have anything to do in your day and decide to hit the gym. There are also those days where you don’t know what you want to do and somehow, you just keep studying how your couch can support your body for these many hours. Besides those lazy lazy days, deciding to hit the gym can only be the most rewarding thing.


Too lazy to go outside to get some food and too broke to get a delivery? We all know those days, and that is when you thank yourself so much for having left some veggies or looking-like-edible stuff in your fridge. Even if it might not be the freshest of the freshest, your fridge has surely done its work to keep them from rotting.
Your job now: be creative using them! What else is more grateful than having had a good recipe idea that tastes so good?

Use these lazy days as usual might think not really doing something of your day, but you are actually treating yourself and yourbody well,which is undeniably the

That’s what they say..

most important and best thing you can do! So keep these lazy days somewhere in your week schedule and trrrrreat yourself!



What I’ve learned from working in a restaurant

Working in hospitality is the easiest way to get a job..or at least, that’s what they tell us. So many young people work in a restaurant as a side job, to get easy money or just to have a paid activity (and free food). However, the hospitality sector is not as easy as a lot of people tend to think.

No more weekends you will have.
Friday nights out? No. Saturday late night drinks? Haha, no. Sunday lazy-morning? No more. Be ready, when all your friends are enjoying their weekend drinking, partying or being so nice and eating at your restaurant, you will be working. Good part is that you should make that money rrrrain. Bad part..whenever you’ll be done with your shift, you will either be way too tired to go out, or everybody will already be home. At least, you’ll have days off when the majority is working. Enjoy those empty places!images.jpeg

Stressed out for a tiny reason you will be.
Stressed out for the tiniest reason in the world you will be. People will see you running to your computer at some point..why? Because you forgot to send their main course to the kitchen..and their empty-starter plate has been removed since 15min..That little jogging won’t harm you..but that face you put on will certainly make your coworkers laugh.

White clothes you will hate.
Unless you have a uniform to put on, you’re safe. Other restaurants let you wear whatever you want..and you will cross any white clothes off your working days. Stains and holes will appear without you noticing or knowing why. Your restaurant does not like your clothes and will make sure to destroy them.

You will probably gain weight.
Sadly but truly you will. It’s not new to say that restaurant food -even the healthiest- is fattier than the food you would cook at home. Having to eat restaurant food every day will add a few pounds to your weight, but no worries, a waiter has to run everywhere, so it will easily go away.

You will actually discover people.
People, people..we are all different and also raised in different cultures or ways. However, discovering how rude someone can be to you will astonish you. I got yelled at multiple times, for asking if they’d rather sit inside or outside (Sorry for wanting to host you as best as I can..?), ask you 20 times when their food is coming when they notice the restaurant is busy etc etc.  You will also discover that even the classiest person might not know how to hold its fork and knife. They will play manager asking you to slow the music down, to turn the lights on, stop the AC when you are dying from heat, or just decide that the prices are too high.


You will know the feeling of starvation.
You might have been late and missed the family food. Too bad for you, you’ll have to wait for the end of your shift to have a proper meal. In the meantime, you’ll be surrounded by food you are not allowed to have. It will smell even more delicious when your party gets its food. It will drive you crazy and the only thing you will hope is that they wont finish their you can have the last bite and feel a little more alive.

A fake smile you will put on.
People can be weird, but no judging. However, when they hailed at you for you to take their order, but still didn’t decide, keep a smile on. They will probably also ask you to change this for this, and that for that, but will never want to pay any additional fee. Even better, some will want to try their own plate using any ingredient they like from others and mix them. Keep that fake smile on, you’re working on your tip baby.

It is not as easy to get the job.
Oh hell no it’s not easy! First you gotta be in training for x many hours and prove that you can do it! Work your a** off for not even a dime. Also, mostly only « beautiful people » will find a job in hospitality in a blink of an eye. Others will probably find it more difficult..And even if it’s really not fair, it is understandable. In fact, which restaurant doesn’t want its waiters to show a good and clean appearance and staff?

But besides all, I also met the strangest and nicest people on earth and learnt to be more patient and not to juge someone right away.

giphy (2).gif
The dream of every waiter.


Eating fish: The Big Dilemma

We’ve all heard that eating fish is good for you, it’s filled with omega 3’s, doesn’t give cholesterol and it’s packed with proteins. Most of the fish we eat today didn’t spend a nice and peaceful sea-life before landing on our plate. Wild fish are surrounded by old plastic-bag corpses and swim in environmental pollution (chemicals, waste…) However, we also get too much farmed fish, that were raised with antibiotics and other chemicals for a faster growth and merchandising. But between farmed fish, filled with chemicals and wild sea fish, that mostly eat plastic and mercury, what is worse?


Fish-farms, just as intensive meat farms, use many many antibiotics and chemicals to make the animals grow faster and get them fatter. These chemicals are also found in the meat itself. By consuming this meat, we get the antibiotics in our system even though we are not sick and don’t need them. So thanks for trying to give us free medicine but no thanks. All these chemicals, whether it is plastic, mercury or antibiotics are just not welcomed on our plate.

Farmed fish, yummmmy

So whether you buy your super organic fish in that over-organic grocery store..if it comes from a farm, you’d probably eat the fish’s medicine. If it says it’s « wild fish », well you’ll probably have a bite of mercury wrapped into plastic. Yummy.

Get more information on their website

Saying this, I still think eating wild fish is better for your health than a farm raised fish.. It all depends on which wild fish you eat..too much of that sole or of those ground swimming fish will eventually make your mercury intake go BOOM. And same for those bigger fish who eat the ones on the ground..
Farm fish do not have space to swim, they are over-fed and their color is not the real one (just look at salmon..their real color is suuuuper light pink..the one on your plate could fit your nailpolish).

To make sure..just leave this cheap fish fillet on the side, because the price already means everything. Good fish is expensive and is worth being savoured.